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Margaret Critchlow , Ph.D.

York University

Community-led Housing for Seniors: The EngAGEd process to make it happen

Friday, October 27, 2023

9:30 am

Margaret Critchlow taught anthropology of space and place at York University in Toronto for 25 years before retiring to Vancouver Island and co-founding the first senior cohousing group in western Canada, Harbourside Cohousing, where she has lived since Jan 2016. A founding director of the Canadian Senior Cohousing Society from 2011 to 2021, Margaret is a Community Building Facilitator with Cohousing Development Consulting, Inc. CDC’s Ronaye Matthew provided project management to support Harbourside’s development.  She and Margaret became friends and worked together to develop a second cohousing project in Sooke and still another on the nearby Saanich peninsula. Together they have written a book that provides practical information about how to create community-led housing. Margaret teaches online courses for the Foundation for Intentional Community. She also offers in-person workshops for new cohousing groups who want to build their membership and/or understand more about how cohousing can support aging in place.   

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